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You see this painting? Yep, I made it. I had originally wanted to do this painting with Collide with the Sky’s cover. Instead, I paint this. This painting means so much, because it was inspired by two idols of mine; Pierce the Veil and Marianas Trench. The theater idea came from the Masterpiece Theater album from Marianas Trench. (Which is a great album.) As for the Pierce the Veil idea, it all started with the song 'The Boy Who Can Fly,' from A Flair for the Dramatic album. You see, that song has so much meaning to me. The line that inspired this master piece was “I’ll be the brightest start someday.” Hence, why there is a girl in the center. 

The meaning coming from this painting was that one day I would be something BIG in life. You see, when I was a kid my friends would always put me down and some people now. Saying, I would get pregnant, to fuck up, to never be something in life and just make me feel bad about myself. But yet, here I am. 18, alive with a job and a car; soon to be going to college in Oregon. MAKING something out of myself. The girl represents me, that one day I WILL be happy and making it big. That I WILL be the brightest star, someday. Not famous wise, but as in career and life wise. 

The moral of the story is, DON’T LET ANYONE PUSH YOU DOWN. You as a human can prove them wrong. Don’t let others tell you different, because that didn’t stop me. 


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